Dewalt Diamond Wheel 4inch Kering

Dewalt Diamond Wheel 4inch Kering :

Deskripsi Produk

Blade Diameter: 4"
Blade Coating: Diamond
Blade Type: Segmented
Blade Application: Masonry
Segment Height7mm

Dewalt High Performance Segmented Blades last 200x longer then a conventional dry cut masonry blade. The segmented rim blades are heat treated and coated with a diamond material to enhance longevity. These blades are excellent for rough cuts with a variety of materials including brick, masonry, and concrete.

Large diamond matrix for longer blade life
Segmented blades are laser welded and heat treated
Best for rough cutting in dry applications
Dry cutting concrete, masonry, and brick


IDR 50.000,00 (IDR 75.000,00) Save IDR 25.000,00


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